Our Chapter

Enrich your academic experience…

Scholar Dollars
Earn “dollars” by getting remarkable grades and meeting with professors. At the end of the semester, we hold an auction. You can use your dollars to bid on various items. Past prizes have included iPods, $100 gift cards, perfume and so much more. The more dollars you earn, the better prizes you can win!

Smarty Pants
If you make an A on a test, quiz, or paper, you can put your name in a bucket. A weekly winner is chosen to win gift cards to local restaurants, Starbucks or iTunes.

Lots of scholarship opportunities
As a sorority member, you will have the option to apply for many scholarships, including the TCU women’s scholarship given out by Tri Delta each year. Tri Delta offers many scholarships to undergraduate and graduate women who excel in campus involvement, community service, academic achievement, and who demonstrate financial need.

Develop your faith…
Tri Delta offers an opportunity to build upon your faith and spirituality through weekly Bible studies led by one of our members.

Serve others…
Participate in community service projects with your friends including Habitat for Humanity, Children’s Closet, Tarrant County Food Bank, Cook Children’s Hospital, Race for the Cure, and so many more.

Enhance your leadership skills…
Tri Delta offers more than 35 leadership positions ranging from Song Chair to Homecoming Chair and from T-shirt chair to Academic Development chair. These positions prepare young women to take on responsibility that will train her for future leadership opportunities..