Proud To Be… DDD

This summer, I was able to attend the Tri Delta convention in Indianapolis with three other girls from the Phi Lambda chapter at TCU. The convention, which was held over Fourth of July weekend, was an incredible experience for me and certainly I will never forget it.

I honestly had no idea what to expect when I was first invited to attend convention. Not only was I not as close with the other members that I would be going with, but also I had just received my position in Tri Delta. I was nervous. However, the weekend was absolutely incredible because I was able to become closer to friends in my chapter and meet some amazing women from across the country.

My favorite part of convention was the philanthropy luncheon, where the goal of $60 million in 10 years was announced. Before the big announcement, we heard from a woman who is a collegiate member who had childhood cancer and was treated at St. Jude. Hearing her speak and watching the videos throughout the luncheon made me so incredibly proud to be a Tri Delta.

Before I went to convention I understood what our national philanthropy was. We sing songs during rush about St Jude, we talk about it during philanthropy round and we raise money throughout the school year. However, I had not truly seen how Tri Delta impacts the lives of so many at St Jude. Going to convention, I was able to grasp what the bigger purpose of Tri Delta is. Tri Delta is not just about getting a group of friends for four years during college. Tri Delta is about making a lifetime commitment to being apart of a network of women around the country. These women we are able to connect with do amazing things to help members and other people around the world.

Through going to convention, I was able to pinpoint exactly what it is about why I love to be a Tri Delta. I love our members and I love what our members can do to help others once we get involved together. I am truly “Proud to be DDD” and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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