TCU TriDelta Recruitment

Dear Potential New Member,

The ladies of Delta Delta Delta warmly welcome you to TCU, and we share your excitement about going through Recruitment. We found “going Tri Delt” to be the perfect choice for us – one that has offered leadership opportunities, lasting friendships, and incredible support.

Coming to college is a huge step and can seem intimidating and overwhelming at times. We were in your shoes not long ago, feeling many of the same things you have felt. Being a part of a sorority makes that transition easier, and we would like to share some of what we have experienced.

In Tri Delt, we have found an amazing home away from home where we offer:

  • 150 new friends waiting to welcome you with open arms on Bid Day
  • Meaningful, fun activities to enhance your first weeks at TCU and a New Member Retreat where you can really get to know your new pledge sisters
  • A Big Sister to ensure that there is always someone there just for you
  • An Academic Program to help with the transition to a college work load
  • A Philanthropy Program that encourages you to volunteer in the community
  • Moms’ and Dads’ Weekends to help families get to know one another
  • Countless activities where you can get involved on campus, football games, parties, mixers, and simply friends spending time together
  • Hours, days, and years of laughter, inside jokes, late night talks, common interests, and shared memories!

Delta Love,

Recruitment Team

Recruitment Packets & Recommendation Letters

Please send all items via email to All of the required information can be completed through the paper reference form in addition to attaching a resume, transcript, and photos.

You may also send references in through the Alumnae tab on Letters of support are optional and will be accepted via the email listed above. If you choose to send in letters of support, we ask for no more than three per girl.