Sincerely Yours: More Than Just Letters

When one walks into the Phi Lambda chapter room on the day of letter writing, it is a complete blur. There are girls everywhere and hundreds of letters surrounding them.

The air smells of food, normally Chick- Fil- A brought by the Philanthropy chair, and the room is filled with girls talking and music playing. This is a happy day at the TCU Tri Delta house. At Texas Christian University, the Phi Lambda chapter always looks forward to letter writing, an event that is sure to make a difference at St Jude. This semester was no different.

The best part about letter writing is the proud feeling that one gets while stamping and addressing each envelope. Unlike so many fundraising opportunities, the money raised from letter writing can easily been seen with the accomplishment of $15 million in just 5 years. This accomplishment keeps Tri Delta chapters across the country motivated to help St Jude and incredibly proud to share St. Jude with friends and family.

As every Tri Delta chapter knows, letter writing is an important event on the calendar. Each semester, Tri Delta chapters across the United States write letters to loved ones to tell about St. Jude. The tradition of letter writing started with Danny Thomas, the founder of St. Jude, who first started writing letters to ask for donations to start St. Jude. Because of the success of Danny Thomas’s letter writing, Tri Deltas have continued the tradition with the Sincerely Yours Letter Writing Campaign. With the new goal for Tri Delta, $60 million dollars in 10 years, letter writing is sure to be an important component to help reach the magic number. The TCU Tri Deltas are ready!

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